Monday, 30 March 2009

Any Questions?

This Thursday there is a public meeting being held at Edgbaston, ostensibly to discuss the new pavilion plans. The meeting starts at 6.30pm and all fans who are not staying in to watch the repeat of The Apprentice at 7pm are encouraged to turn up and voice their ill thought out opinions.

This is an ideal opportunity to high jack the meeting and finally get an answer to the burning question; "why did the car parking paying system change?" It doesn't matter that the question has been answered before at countless meetings, I for one endorse the old guy who will keep asking it until Colin Povey finally says the truthful answer "Because we hate you, random old guy. Because we hate YOU." Once that business is over hopefully the meeting will move onto the issue of opening hours and stock in the club shop, regardless of why anyone is actually there.

Hopefully then all dissenters to the planning application will have gone home to watch the England match on BBC at 8 and it can be passed with no objections. Result.


Thursday, 26 March 2009

Warwickshire Cricket League to relocate

It was finally confirmed yesterday that the Warwickshire Cricket League will relocate to India for this season. Chairman Graham Seal said that weather and infrastructure was a major consideration in ruling out the initial front-runner in Worcestershire.

He said that the likelihood of rain affecting many of the matches and the lack of an adequate transport network meant that the ambitious plan to stage matches in Worcester, Pershore and Evesham was always going to struggle to get off the ground.

It was hoped until recently that the league could be played out in Warwickshire as normal, but the deteriorating security situation in the county and the number of police needed to patrol the Woodloes in Warwick following a spate of car vandalism meant security couldn't be guaranteed at Offchurch Lapworth's home matches.