Saturday, 19 April 2008

Sponser a player for charity

Brian Halford has details of a charity fund raiser in his Warwickshire Blog that is for a good cause. All proceeds being donated to cancer research at City Hospital.

The appeal is being organised by George Dobell (who has an article in the post about the same thing) and the idea is to "sponsor" a player or even an incident in Warwickshire's season in order to raise money. Brian and the Mail are donating £12 for every time Michael Powell scores 3 in the Championship and he has already been joined by several other readers of his blog in this. The Raggybear is donating 50p for every championship wicket Jimmy Anyon takes and there are other people being potentially far more generous than that as well!

Brian has some other good ideas for things to sponsor in his post and you can put details of a pledge in the comments of his post - get involved people and support this good cause.

You can also contact George Dobell by email with a pledge, Brian posted it in his blog, I'm not going to though just in case the spam monkeys are about and George get mails with all sorts of unsavoury cut price offers...

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