Thursday, 29 May 2008

Trott looking for record deal

The Mail reports today that Jonathan Trott is in hot water with the ECB;

Jonathan Trott rap for bad language.

The Raggy Bear understands, from literally hours of no research, that Trott is looking for a distributor for a hip-hop track he has recorded in which he launches into a foul mouthed tirade. Originally approached by the government to reach out to kids as part of their anti-knife crime message, Trott, 27, has used this as a platform for his potty mouth. Although he doesn't name people individually on the track, much of the vicious invective is a thinly veiled nod to his contempt of Giles Clark, head of the ECB. There is also one particularly spiteful verse about first class umpire Trevor Jesty which has reduced people to tears.

To add further confusion to the story the Mail has put a picture of Jim Troughton in it, in which he appears to be casting a sidelong look of disapproval in the direction of Trott (out of frame).

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