Thursday, 15 April 2010

Ash halts all UK flights.

The big news today is that airport officials are concerned about the presence of Ash in the North of Britain. They are so concerned that all inbound and outbound commercial flights from all UK airports have been cancelled until at least tomorrow morning.

The BBC have interviewed an expert on Ashley Giles and he reveals:

Dr Mike Branney, senior lecturer in volcanology, University of Leicester, said: "... ash is not good to plane engines.

"Firstly [he] is highly abrasive and can scour and damage moving parts. Secondly, if [he] enters a jet engine the intense heat of the engine can fuse [him] to the interior of the engine with a caking of hot glass, which ultimately can cause the engine to cut out completely.

"This is a sensible precaution."

It is believed by the Raggy Bear that Giles has never shut down the air traffic in an entire country before, although he quite a good director of cricket and he once met the Queen.

On the upside I live under the flight path of Southampton airport. It's lovely and quiet today, I might go and sit in the garden.

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