Monday, 19 April 2010

Met office "fooled by the one that goes on with the arm"

The spectre of Ash is continuing to hang over the UK. In a turn of events familiar to many an opposition batsman facing Ash in the past; the Met office continue to be bemused as they keep expecting the wind to turn, swirl and maybe even die a bit at the last minute, but contrary to all these preconceptions the wind then just blows straight on and shows no perceptible signs of deviation.

Throughout his playing career the phrase "he's missed the straight one" and "I think that was the one that goes on with the arm" were rolled out by commentators the world over. However as seasoned Ash watchers know it was only 4 years after first playing test cricket that Giles got a ball to actually pitch outside leg and take Inzaman's off-stump in the 2001 tour of Pakistan. On this basis the wind is not likely to show any deviation until about 2013-2014. Time to charter a boat.

In cricket news, Warwickshire are stubbornly sticking to the traditional idea that the season starts sometime in late April.

For photo-fans; I found this picture uploaded onto someone's photo feed a while back. I'm not sure whether Giles is patiently indulging the 4 other guys, or if they are indulging him - they all look a little uncomfortable to be there.

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